Custom Made Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturer

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Yunzhan Stainless Steel Kitchen Sdn. Bhd’s is Malaysia’s pioneering and leading custom kitchen cabinet manufacturer. Their custom kitchen cabinets are not only beautiful but also durable, practical and functional. Their custom made kitchen cabinets are handcrafted exclusively to match your personal preferences, and it is built to last a lifetime. Their custom kitchen cabinets are available in hundreds of designs, colours, styles and door combinations so you can create your own personalized fresh look.

Frameless Construction

They only manufacture full access frameless kitchen cabinets which offer up to 20% more usable space compared to framed construction kitchen cabinets. The advantage in frameless construction custom made kitchen cabinets is that your cabinetry will provide more space for storage, without having to add additional cabinetry. This creative and innovative design will provide the stylish, modern look that most consumers these days desire.Related image

Always Formaldehyde Free and Safe

Their very own in house custom made kitchen cabinet manufacturers only use the finest materials to craft your cabinetries. Their wood is of premium quality, and always formaldehyde free. Worry no more about off gassing your family with our top quality custom made kitchen cabinets.Image result for kitchen ikea

Here are 3 things you can ask your custom made kitchen cabinets manufacturer to craft for you.

  1. Breakfast Nook

A custom made breakfast nook is a wonderful way to make space for seating to a small kitchen that cannot fit an island table. Breakfast nooks are very famous because they can serve so many different purposes. It can act as extra space for food preparation, for example when you’re baking a cake or cookies, when you are making a fruit salad where you need to line all sorts of different fruits and you need extra space, of to eat small meals when you are in rush.Image result for breakfast nook pinterest kitchen

  1. Wine racks

Custom made wine racks are not just for wine enthusiasts anymore. In fact, many people are opting for the classic crisscross look. It does not only bring added storage space but for odd shaped bottles but also adds some aesthetic appeal to your kitchen. When it comes to current trends, you can be sure that wine is not going to go out of style anytime soon.Image result for criss cross wine rack tumblr

  1. Pantry solutions

Custom built pantries come in many varieties to choose from, and really help organize a busy kitchen filled with hungry people. If your kitchen already has the designated space for a pantry, for example a closet near your kitchen, then considers adding rollout shelves and other storage solutions to make the space more efficient. Most kitchens don’t naturally have the extra space for pantry, so people usually design their own.Image result for pantry pinterest kitchen





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