Private Schools and International Schools in Malaysia

An Overview of the Malaysian School System

Education is the duty of the Government and it is focused on giving a sound education to all. The Malaysian education framework envelops education starting from pre-school to college. Pre-school, primary and auxiliary education falls under the locale of the Ministry of Education (MOE) while tertiary or advanced education is the obligation of the Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE).

Private schools and International Schools in Malaysia

Private schools offering pre-school, primary and optional education have turned out to be progressively famous among urban Malaysians and the international group. Among these private educational establishments are Private primary and auxiliary schools offering the Malaysian National Curriculum, International Schools offering different international educational modules, and others which can incorporate Independent Chinese High Schools, Islamic religious schools and so on.

 Private schools in Malaysia

Private schools are required to utilize the National Curriculum for primary and optional education, as required by the Education Act 1996. The Malaysian educational programs for schools incorporates the Primary School Standard Curriculum or KSSR for short (Kurikulum Standard Sekolah Rendah) and the Secondary Schools Standard Curriculum for KSSM (Kurikulum Standard Sekolah Menengah). These are reconsidered educational modules acquainted with guarantee that understudies have the significant information, abilities and qualities to confront the difficulties of the 21st century. In that capacity, there is an accentuation on instilling imaginative considering, advancement, critical thinking and authority abilities in understudies. Furthermore, the Ministry intends to present a “quickened learning pathway” for high-performing understudies who might have the capacity to finish their school a very long time in a shorter time.

The Malaysian School Structure


The Education Act 1996 accommodates pre-school education, and guarantees that the National Pre-school Standard Curriculum is utilized, that educators are prepared in pre-school education and that physical offices and gear gave are of good quality.

When all is said in done, pre-school education means to sustain understudies’ potential in all parts of improvement, to ace fundamental aptitudes and to build up an uplifting demeanor as readiness to enter primary school. Its education goals include:

  • Having constructive individual attributes, character and self-idea to be an enthusiastic subject
  • Using Malay accurately and creating dialect and relational abilities
  • Using English in everyday life in accordance with its status as the second dialect
  • Practising honorable esteems in day by day life in view of religious lessons
  • Having intellectual abilities to think and take care of issues
  • Having enthusiastic development and social aptitudes
  • Having the imagination and feel to acknowledge normal excellence and social legacy
  • Using Chinese and Tamil accurately to impart in school where the medium of guideline is Chinese and Tamil
  • Practising Islamic esteems in the everyday life of Muslim students. Private Schools

 Primary education

When all is said in done, primary education takes six years, i.e. Standard One to Standard Six, and the run of the mill beginning age is seven.

Notwithstanding perusing, composition and math, children will be presented to different subjects, for example, science, physical education, Islamic and moral education. Toward the finish of their examinations in year 6, they will sit for the Primary School Achievement Test (UPSR) which tests authority of Malay and English, numerical aptitudes and science ideas.

Optional education

Optional education takes five years, and contains Lower auxiliary education (Form 1 to Form 3) and Upper optional education (Form 4 to Form 5). A more extensive scope of subjects is offered and understudies can select a Science or Arts stream or a blend.

Private optional schools get ready understudies for two open examinations, to be specific the PT3 (Form 3 Assessment), and the SPM (Malaysian Certificate of Education) at Form 5. Every one of these examinations are led by the Malaysian Examinations Syndicate (Lembaga Peperiksaan Malaysia). Hardly any tuition based schools offer the Malaysian Higher School Certificate (STPM) in the Sixth Form, selecting rather to offer the A Levels or different options.

Tuition based schools: their edge

Tuition based schools are interested in both nearby and international understudies. Other than day school, some tuition based schools likewise offer full private offices for understudies. Regularly, private schools offer a more extensive cluster of elective subjects, far reaching co-and additional curricular activities, offices for learning, games, IT and expressions of the human experience. Many have longer investigation hours and littler classes, and more consideration is given to the understudies. They likewise give consistent reports to parents and place greater accentuation on the English dialect, despite the fact that these schools take after the Malaysian national educational modules. To pick up passage to a tuition based school, an understudy may need to experience an evaluation and meeting.

International Schools

The Ministry of Education characterizes an International School as a tuition based school which offers preschool, primary and auxiliary school education utilizing an International Curriculum and English as the medium of guideline. These international schools are not represented under the Education Act 1996 but rather are liable to supervision by the Ministry of Education through its Private Education Division. Although these schools principally provide food for the necessities of the international group, for example, the children of the staff of remote organizations, international associations, outside government offices and missions, up to 40% of understudies might be Malaysian and with the progression of international schools, this number is on the ascent every year.

The primary sorts of international educational modules endorsed by the Ministry of Education are the British educational modules, the Australian educational modules, the American educational programs and the Canadian educational programs. Many of these schools offer British education in Malaysia from pre-school straight up to the readiness of understudies to sit for an outside international examination like IGCSE “O” level, GCE “A” levels, International Baccalaureate Diploma, and so forth.

Besides offering an international educational program led in English, British international schools in Malaysia likewise frequently give various additional curricular activities, predominant luxuries, littler classes, and, here and there, private offices. Many gloats of all around prepared science and PC research centers, subject-based spaces for music, workmanship and move, all around loaded libraries, swimming pools, and outside and indoor games courts. Although charges might be high at these schools, International schools enable parents to pick an option sort of education for their children – an education for this present reality of worldwide correspondence, international open door and social assorted variety. They offer a more child-focused and all-encompassing way to deal with learning. Presented to assorted encounters, understudies are urged to accomplish their maximum capacity crosswise over a wide range of measurements, scholastically, physically, profoundly and socially.

EPDM Granules for Playground Surfacing

Poured in place rubber (EPDM granules) playground surfacing is turning into an extremely prevalent decision for playground safety playground surfacing. Its blend of tasteful interest, almost boundless plan potential and unmatched non slip qualities make it a solid contender for playground surfacing. In any case, there is considerably more to poured set up rubber (EPDM granules) playground surfacing at that point meets the eye, given the greatly high cost of this item it is essential to investigate and get reality about this item.

Image result for playground epdm rubber
There are two sorts of EPDM granules that are utilized as a part of the establishment of poured set up rubber (EPDM granules), TPV and EPDM. Despite the fact that these two items appear to be identical, they are not the same. TPV is produced using reused tires, the EPDM granules is then treated with a blend of chemicals, paints and colors to give its shading. TPV has a much lower tear quality than EPDM. This implies if you somehow happened to attempt and extend a granule of TPV, it would break, as opposed to extend much sooner than EPDM. EPDM is alluded to as virgin EPDM granules. EPDM is not produced using reused EPDM granules, it is in certainty made from the begin for poured set up establishments. EPDM is a substantially more strong item than TPV, it will lessen wear much superior to TPV and at last more. The drawback of EPDM is that sure hues are more powerless to blurring accordingly of UV exposures, an issue less regular with TPV.
Temperature and Humidity
Since the folios utilized as a part of poured set up rubber (EPDM granules) are dampness and warmth delicate, the ecological conditions (temperature and stickiness) amid establishment are basic. By and large you ought to never introduce poured set up rubber (EPDM granules) when temperatures are underneath 50 degrees or over 90 degrees, with mugginess failing to exceed 85%. Doing as such will compel a hyper curing of the item, bringing about a surface loaded with obvious creases and imperfections, with a poor bond quality, due to this the item will fall flat.
Life span
The vast majority trust that poured set up rubber (EPDM granules) endures forever. This is simply essentially not genuine. On the off chance that the surface is introduced utilizing a premium aliphatic folio, under flawless climate conditions, by an accomplished proficient and with appropriate support it will probably most recent 15 years. The normal existence of a poured set up rubber (EPDM granules) surface introduced under similar conditions, yet utilizing a fragrant folio will be 10 years. Remember that if the range is shaded, it will enormously augment the life of the surface, as will doing a top layer of fastener like clockwork.
The imperative thing to recollect about poured set up rubber (EPDM granules) is that item quality and experience means the world. You can be the best painter on the planet, however in the event that the paint does not adhere to the divider, the employment will be a disappointment. The same is valid with poured set up rubber (EPDM granules), you should utilize time tried items and they should be introduced under the correct conditions, by experienced installers. Anything less will bring about a surface that will break apart in under a year. For more data about how to introduce poured set up rubber (EPDM granules) the correct way, call us today.

The Benefits of Using Keyphone System Malaysia in Your Company

There is no doubt that correspondence systems have advanced from the seasons of utilizing an old revolving phone with a long twisty line. One of the greatest innovation propels that have been presented, over the previous decade, is the Keyphone system Malaysia. This innovation has enabled business officials to supplant their old, wasteful telephone system and utilize something more adaptable and considerably more refined.

Actually, a current review has demonstrated that an ever increasing number of organizations are moving far from the general population exchanged phone arrange associations and pushing toward Keyphone system Malaysia because of the usefulness it offers, and its capacity to bolster a developing remote workforce. While not all associations have grasped this innovation, odds are they won’t have the capacity to keep away from it after some time. This is fundamentally because of the way that suppliers are changing the business models, and accordingly, the arrangements they offer.

Why Keyphone system Malaysia is such a famous alternative?

The IT scene is to a great degree powerless to change and as innovations keep developing to meet client necessities, there is probably keyphone system Malaysia is the undeniable next connection in the chain of correspondences innovation.

Not at all like a customary correspondence stage, are keyphone system Malaysia administrations versatile and easy to oversee. One of the essential advantages is that it makes it less demanding for private companies to rival greater business, without harming their financial plan or imperiling the capacity to meet different responsibilities and destinations.

Every day, there are increasingly business clients understanding that keyphone system Malaysia is not an alternate innovation, but instead an advancement of the phone. At the point when organizations need to accomplish certain objectives for their business, they need to move to keyphone system Malaysia since their conventional telephone administrations is not going to offer usefulness, for example, portability.

Future potential and advantages of keyphone system Malaysia

Despite the fact that most businesses claim the top reason they make the move to business keyphone system Malaysia systems is to lessen overhead, it is not by any means the only spurring component behind the utilization of the innovation. The truth of the matter is that the rapidly extending workforce is one of the biggest supporters of supplanting an old telephone system, since conventional systems can’t continue developing businesses associated.

Different advantages of keyphone system Malaysia

While cost adequacy and upgraded correspondence advantages are probably the most common reasons individuals are doing the switch, they are unquestionably not by any means the only ones. Some other particular favorable circumstances offered by supplanting your simple telephone system with a keyphone system Malaysia system are highlighted here:

  • Ideal for call focuses. Because of the adaptability keyphone system Malaysia call focuses can undoubtedly outsource work abroad.
  • Integration of web, information and sound components.
  • Better for versatile workers, diminishing expenses and helping everybody remain associated.
  • Reduced cost

With keyphone system Malaysia administrations, businesses have a bigger measure of adaptability. What’s more, utilizing a standard telephone connector gives you to take your current telephone a risk to number with you. It basically empowers greater profitability by enabling you to direct business abroad, while you are voyaging, meeting with customers and taking part in whatever other company-related exercises. Truth be told, you can lead business from anyplace! Moreover, your clients can get in touch with you on your customary business telephone number and you don’t need to utilize your own number.

There’s additionally the way that keyphone system Malaysia administrations can be totally coordinated with your PC applications, including fax and email. Presently you’ve recently helped your effectiveness, since your representatives can have the greater part of their correspondence needs met inside one, straightforward application. This isn’t something that you can get with a simple telephone system.

On the off chance that you are thinking about utilizing keyphone system Malaysia administrations, it is basic you consider your supplier precisely. While this innovation offers various advantages, on the off chance that you don’t locate a legitimate supplier, it won’t make any difference since you won’t perceive any of them. With regards to perpetually evolving innovation, identified with interchanges, finding a dependable keyphone system Malaysia specialist organization is more essential than it ever has been. Obviously, once you supplant your simple telephone system with a keyphone system Malaysia system—you’ll ask why you held up so long!

Top 4 Internet Marketing Strategies

As internet marketing is winding up more important for a company, not knowing the most ideal approach to drive your business forward can truly hurt your odds of accomplishment. On the off chance that you are searching for an approach to enhance your internet marketing endeavors, here are 4 of the best performing methodologies that can convey more individuals to your site, enable you to interface with new or returning clients, and make an advanced internet marketing technique that works.

  1. Utilize the Right Web Design

We don’t regularly consider website designing as a marketing strategy, however it can impact the measure of time and consideration a client will spend on your page. Your site is the focal point of all of your internet marketing endeavors, so if your page is not perfect, simple to peruse, and intriguing, it won’t make any difference how much time you put into strategy advancement – despite everything you will lose clients. Make a site that is breakthrough, grabs attention, and the most important, mobile friendly.

  1. Use Search Engine Optimization (SEO)Image result for search engine optimization banner

SEO enables your company’s name and site to show up higher on the search results page. With a solid SEO procedure, your company site will progress toward becoming more related with the keywords used to discover your services. This builds your odds of being the company a person chooses.

  1. Seek the Help of a Consultant

In case you’re not a specialist in internet marketing, ask somebody who is. There are several internet marketing consultants accessible to you, huge numbers of whom can give you advices about what you ought to change to see achievement. For entrepreneurs who need to concentrate on different business frameworks, a consultant can be very useful.

  1. Keep up a Blog

Your blog ought to be utilized for various reasons, including enabling you to reliably post new catchphrases and enhance your search internet strategy. More than that, your blog turns out to be some place you can offer guidance, share bits of data, and truly interface with your clients. An enduring relationship starts with trust and your blog is an awesome approach to fabricate that.

A solid internet marketing system will help you to support your business and begin seeing more clients, associations, and customers. These 4 methodologies have been demonstrated to help companies increase new introduction. By taking after the above tips you’ll be en route to making good internet marketing technique that could support your business considerably.


4 Components You Have to Include in Your Internet Marketing Campaigns

It’s basic for business proprietors to see that it is so important to have a marketing plan for the items or services their brand offers. Most businesses are continually attempting to discover approaches to give their brand awareness a boost, planning to connect with new customers and reinforce the relationships with existing ones to gain a loyal following. With that being stated, you may as of now have some sort of marketing project set up, yet would you say you are constraining yourself to the conventional stages that incorporate TV, print and radio?

Many businesses out there are committing the error of not investigating every one of their choices when attempting to assemble a compelling and effective marketing campaign. Indeed, very frequently, an internet marketing plan’s capability to supplement other advertising efforts gets totally ignored.

There are different approaches to market your business internet, yet the best Internet marketing techniques actualize each of the following components, enabling every one of the pieces to cooperate to fulfill the level of brand visibility, webpage traffic and income you’d get a kick out of the chance to see.

Image result for online marketing

  1. Web Design

Nowadays, there’s no doubt about the need of businesses keeping up a strong presence online, and having an all around well designed site is the main approach. In case you’re a business owner who sees their website design as a major aspect of their internet marketing endeavors, you have the correct thought. Any advertising and content that is published will point back to your website to urge customers to make a move, making it the establishment for your whole campaign. Websites should be easy to understand and sufficiently engaging to make visitors stay, while using new blog articles, a mobile responsive design and other optimization methods. These key website design components will all play a noteworthy part in your marketing strategies.

  1. SEO

Search engine optimization is intended to help businesses rank higher in any semblance of Google, Bing and Yahoo. Without it, there’s the potential for your business to get buried deeply somewhere among pages and pages of search results. We as a whole realize that the vast majority don’t make it past the first or second page when they’re searching for something particular so if your company doesn’t emerge at the highest point of the rankings, you’re probably going to lose a considerable amount of website traffic and profit. Utilizing SEO appropriately can have a major effect on how well you fare over your niche rivals.

3. Social Media

Incorporating social media into your internet marketing program holds a great deal of significant worth, particularly since it’s free to join and a little advertising budget can go a long way. With a huge number of individuals drawing in on all the different social media platforms out there, being dynamic on your own business profiles can create a contact you won’t get anyplace else. Social media not just enables you to share data about your brand and items or services through posts, Tweets, pictures and video, however it also gives you the chance to build up a genuine bond with customers. This makes them like to buy things from you, as opposed to a niche rival that they have no association with.

Image result for online marketing

4. PPC/Banner Advertising

Gone are the days when it was adequate to run a couple of commercials on TV and advertise in the local newspaper. Most of the total populace utilizes the Internet to get news, shop and even stream their most loved shows, ditching cable. This is where pay-per-click and banner advertising become possibly the most important factor. Having your company name and offerings pop up on search engines and a wide array of websites repeatedly helps you gain brand recognition and get before customers who are really hoping to buy your kind of product or service, prompting a higher conversion rate.



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Yunzhan Stainless Steel Kitchen Sdn. Bhd’s is Malaysia’s pioneering and leading custom kitchen cabinet manufacturer. Their custom kitchen cabinets are not only beautiful but also durable, practical and functional. Their custom made kitchen cabinets are handcrafted exclusively to match your personal preferences, and it is built to last a lifetime. Their custom kitchen cabinets are available in hundreds of designs, colours, styles and door combinations so you can create your own personalized fresh look.

Frameless Construction

They only manufacture full access frameless kitchen cabinets which offer up to 20% more usable space compared to framed construction kitchen cabinets. The advantage in frameless construction custom made kitchen cabinets is that your cabinetry will provide more space for storage, without having to add additional cabinetry. This creative and innovative design will provide the stylish, modern look that most consumers these days desire.Related image

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Here are 3 things you can ask your custom made kitchen cabinets manufacturer to craft for you.

  1. Breakfast Nook

A custom made breakfast nook is a wonderful way to make space for seating to a small kitchen that cannot fit an island table. Breakfast nooks are very famous because they can serve so many different purposes. It can act as extra space for food preparation, for example when you’re baking a cake or cookies, when you are making a fruit salad where you need to line all sorts of different fruits and you need extra space, of to eat small meals when you are in rush.Image result for breakfast nook pinterest kitchen

  1. Wine racks

Custom made wine racks are not just for wine enthusiasts anymore. In fact, many people are opting for the classic crisscross look. It does not only bring added storage space but for odd shaped bottles but also adds some aesthetic appeal to your kitchen. When it comes to current trends, you can be sure that wine is not going to go out of style anytime soon.Image result for criss cross wine rack tumblr

  1. Pantry solutions

Custom built pantries come in many varieties to choose from, and really help organize a busy kitchen filled with hungry people. If your kitchen already has the designated space for a pantry, for example a closet near your kitchen, then considers adding rollout shelves and other storage solutions to make the space more efficient. Most kitchens don’t naturally have the extra space for pantry, so people usually design their own.Image result for pantry pinterest kitchen





Famous Ipoh White Coffee

We are all familiar with the famous Ipoh White Coffee. It has been around for more than half a decade now, thanks to the Chinese immigrants who used to work in the tin mines in the state of Perak, Malaysia (then Malaya). Apparently they were not accustomed to drinking coffee the British way, and so developed their own recipe whilst also taking the Hainasese white coffee as an inspiration. Mind you, white coffee does not mean the coffee is white or mixed with a lot of creamer/ other dairy substitutes. White coffee is roasted without adding sugar or caramel. It is just roasted with margarine. This technique was created in between the late 19th century to the early 20th century when Malaya was a British colony.  Related image

The word “white” in the Ipoh White Coffee is the literal translation for the Chinese word “bai” which not only means white but it also means raw and natural. This is because the immigrants never used any additives or preservatives when they roast the coffee beans. The ingredients of the famous Ipoh White Coffee are a mix of Liberica, Arabica and Robusta coffee beans.

With the scorching hot weather, when you really want to enjoy a cup of Ipoh White Coffee but the weather is too hot to gulp a cup of boiling coffee, and adding ice cubes into it is just too mainstream, you can try this very simply white coffee popsicle that are very easy to make. Here is a simple recipe of Ipoh White Coffee popsicles.

The ingredients that you will need are:

2 cup heavy whipping cream

½ cups chocolate syrup or melted milk chocolate

½ cups half & half cream

1 table spoon 3 in 1 white coffee granules

12 popsicle moulds and wooden popsicle sticks


  1. In a huge bowl, combine whipping cream, chocolate syrup, half & half cream and instant white coffee granules until the white coffee granules are dissolved completely.
  2. Fill up the popsicle moulds with the mixture until 1/3 full. Then insert the sticks and freeze it until it is firm. (usually takes 4 to 5 hours) Voila!Maple Mocha Pops Recipe